New Municipalities in Italy – 2018

In 2018 have been approved 19 mergers of municipalities, one for incorporation, for a total of 42 cities and towns.

The total number of municipalities has decreased by twenty-four units going from 7,960 to 7,954.

The regions concerned to the process of merger of municipalities in 2018 are Calabria (1), Emilia-Romagna (1), Friuli Venezia Giulia (2), Liguria (1), Lombardy (4), Piedmont (5) Tuscany (2), Trentino-Alto Adige (1) and Veneto (2).

Were approved by the respective regional councils mergers of Cassano Spinola, Fiumicello, Villa Vicentina, Treppo Ligosullo and Varallo although it was not proven in all communities originating in the Yes legal Secretary.

With the establishment of the municipality of Montalto Carpasio you post the first fusion of municipalities approved in Liguria.

The process of fusion of two or more adjacent municipalities is governed by articles 15 and 16 of legislative decree 267/2000 “consolidated laws on sorting of local authorities”.

These articles make reference to articles 117 and 133 of the Italian Constitution and shall ensure that it is solely to the regions modify the departments of municipalities and establish new ones by merger.

The obligation for regional legislators is to “feel the populations concerned” the territorial change process through the consultative referendum.

Act No 56/2014 local government reform introduced additional provisions and facilitating measures and organizational skills in mergers of municipalities, in particular to paragraphs 116 to 134 art. 1.

The administrative functions of the new municipalities shown in table 1 have been carried out by extraordinary commissions remained in Office till 2018 elections.